Measuring for New Slings

***  We can make new slings for Heidt,Telescope,Corriveau andHauser using this method . We will not make slings for offshore brands without having a sample of a sling in hand and in most cases the cost is prohibitive anyway and not worth the risk to us or the customer that the chair will break on re-installation.

 1)  Measure across  sling about 5" down from top. Go from outside to outside of each channel. The chair below would be 20" wide.

 Now do the same for the width at the bottom of chair where the bolts fasten to the frame ( make sure the  bolts are tight before measuring.)



2) Now using a cloth fabric tape ( you can use a string then hold it up against a ruler or tape after) follow the contour of the side rail from the top of the chair to the bottom plastic cap.


Note :  Round meaurements down to the nearest 1/16 of an inch









Casual Industries is not responsible if the measurement you submit are incorrect for any reason. Please review our sling measuring guide carefully before measuring your slings. Be sure that your old sling is not baggy, sagging or loose and that the rails holding the sling material are secured tightly to the sling frame.DO NOT measure loose slings that have already been removed from the frame.