Sling Measuring

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Measuring for New Slings


 1)  Measure across  sling about 5" down from top. Go from outside to outside of each channel. The chair below would be 19 1/8" wide.

 Now do the same for the width at the bottom of chair where the bolts fasten to the frame ( make sure the  bolts are tight before measuring.)




2) Now using a cloth fabric tape ( you can use a string then hold it up against a ruler or tape after) follow the contour of the side rail from the top of the chair to the bottom plastic cap.


Note :  Round meaurements down to the nearest 1/16 of an inch








Casual Industries is not responsible if the measurement you submit are incorrect for any reason. Please review our sling measuring guide carefully before measuring your slings. Be sure that your old sling is not baggy, sagging or loose and that the rails holding the sling material are secured tightly to the sling frame.DO NOT measure loose slings that have already been removed from the frame.

Sunbrella Stocked in our sewing facility for cushions and umbrellas  *not for use on sling chairs

Shore Classic 58033-0000 Larger ViewRegencyCoveMilanoGreystoneLagoonPeyton GraniteBerenson TuxedoBrannonDavidson RedwoodGatewayCrimson HarwoodCanvas BlackSpectrum DoveSpectrum GraphitePacific BlueCanvas WalnutCanvas Antique BeigeLinen StoneCanvas NavyCanvas Logo RedCanvas GlacierCanvas Sapphire BlueCanvas MushroomCanvas CocoaFischer LagoonFischer GraphiteHifi Glow 58023-0000Icon Mystique 58009-0000Linen Champagne 8300-0000forest greenCanvas Jockey Red 5403-0000Canvas Sapphire Blue 5452-0000Canvas Sunflower Yellow 5457-0000terracottaCultivate Breeze 56100-0000 Larger ViewCultivate Stone 56107-0000 Larger ViewCultivate Tandoori 56106-0000 Larger View

*All side post umbrellas are stocked only in certain solid colours.

*not for use on sling chairs