CR Plastics Outdoor Furniture

CR Plastics Outdoor Furniture 


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Our outdoor furniture is made from up to 100% recycled plastic which diverts millions of pounds of plastic that would have been destined for a landfill or ocean.

We use high density (HDPE) plastic, grind it up and then blend it together with pigment. HDPE plastic is common in bottle caps, milk jugs and orange juice containers. We buy these types of post-consumer and post-industrial plastics, grind it up and use it to make beautiful outdoor furniture.

The mixture then goes through overhead pipes to extruders that then melt the mixture to form durable, plastic lumber. We also use custom in-house molds that reduce hardware and make our furniture structurally superior. All of our frames are constructed with HDPE lumber components.


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cr plastics

CR Plastics Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture by Canadian Recycled Plastics


In 1994, Jamie Bailey, co-owner and co-founder of C.R. Plastic Products Inc. started manufacturing recycled plastic furniture to divert used plastic away from landfills and oceans. His goal was to make a product that would provide the look and warmth of wood, without the shortcomings associated with maintaining wood furniture.

The proprietary extrusion process discovered, improved and customized by Jamie, produces a unique plastic lumber that won’t splint or crack and withstands all weather conditions. This process creates a superior fit and finish, including a beautiful texted-look similar to the grain of wood, and smooth rounded edges for enhanced comfort. Each piece of lumber has an added automotive-grade UV stabilizer and is guaranteed to maintain its beautiful colour for years, without the need for staining or painting.


crp plastics outdoor furniture