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Whether a landscape is large or small, providing places to be seated and enjoy the view adds to its pleasure. When there is space for dining on a deck or poolside conversations, so much the better.
Outdoor furniture   options today offer an outstanding range of choices in materials, designs, and elements to create the kind of outdoor environment that will be best enjoyed by a household and its guests. It is possible to choose among small sets that could stay on an apartment balcony year-round and large groupings that can fill a multi-tier suburban deck through the season, then go into required winter storage.
We will review some of the goals people often have for outdoor furniture groupings and the various kinds of furniture available to help meet those goals. Then we will consider materials currently used for outdoor furniture and their respective benefits. Finally, we’ll examine the process of purchasing outdoor furniture to meet specific needs.
Why is Outdoor Furniture Being Purchased?
By far the most common reason to buy outdoor furniture is to enjoy meals al fresco during warm weather. Dining sets range from the traditional picnic table to glass-topped tables and wrought-iron chairs that are so beautifully made they could easily be used indoors with appropriate floor protection under the feet.
For homes with decks and apartments with balconies people also look for furniture that would allow for enjoyment of a pleasant day in any of a number of ways: perhaps reading the morning paper with coffee or chatting while watching birds at a feeder. Chairs with side tables, or Adirondacks with their wide arms, meet this goal admirably.
Those with pools have specific furniture goals as well. They may want some lounge furniture for sunning, and some chairs under umbrellas for when the sun has become too much. They may also want a bar or bistro set, where the table and chairs are set higher than usual. These set-ups are great for moms who want to visit while retaining a good view of kids in the pool. They’re also great for socializing teens, because they’ll stand out above the rest of the crowd, giving their parents a good view of what they’re doing.
Contemporary outdoor furniture fashion involves creating entire outdoor "rooms" with rugs, curtain walls, pillowed sofas, and a grill installation that more than rivals a standard kitchen. Outdoor furniture traditions can also involve hanging a porch swing and a hammock, the better to relax on a warm afternoon.
Somewhere among these, a homeowner will find his or her outdoor furniture dreams.
Outdoor Furniture Materials and Their Benefits
Outdoor furniture materials are traditionally sturdy and weatherproof. The range of materials in this category has grown dramatically, so here is a selection of the most common materials used today in outdoor furniture and their respective characteristics:
Benefits and Characteristics
Cast aluminum
Cast aluminum is lightweight and rust resistant, with durable powdercoat finishes
Clean with mild soap and water; if any oxidation is observed, clean with lemon juice; benefits from indoor storage in cold winters
Used for cushions, umbrellas, rugs, shades, and covers; should be weather resistant and UV protected; includes fabrics made of recycled plastics
Clean off suntan oil with a spot remover; mildew usually doesn’t grow on these fabrics but it can grow on oil or dirt, so occasionally wipe down with water and mild dish soap; store indoors over winter to maintain colors longer
Glass, stone, and mosaic
Used for tabletops; quite heavy
Clean up spills that might stain immediately; otherwise low maintenance
Painted steel
Vintage and retro originals and reproductions
Repaint nicks as quickly as possible to prevent oxidation; wash with a mild detergent solution; store under cover off season
Recycled plastics and resin
These are light and often designed to be stackable; recycled plastics keep materials out of the refuse stream
Clean several times a season with bleach and a mild detergent in water; do not scrub with an abrasive
Tubular aluminum
The classic for foldable, portable yard furniture using various textiles for seating
Best kept indoors or in a storage box to protect from oxidation and blowing away
Wicker, rattan, and resin wicker
Resin wicker lasts longer, cleans more easily, and doesn’t offer the splintery ends that may occur with classic wicker or rattan furniture; traditional wicker belongs in a covered space like a sunroom
Real wicker is a bit fussy, and likes proper humidity, regular vacuuming, and a wipe-down with bleach solution to inhibit mold; resin wicker needs a spray down, a brushing with dish detergent solution, a mildew remover on any moldy spots, and then a rinse and a dry in the sun
Includes cedar, cypress, eucalyptus, hardwoods, and pine; teak is popular at the high end; shorea is similar in appearance but less expensive; shorea is more common and sustainably harvested; FSC Wood comes from sustainably managed Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests
Teak lasts up to 50 years; all wood furniture should be washed annually with 1 tablespoon bleach and 5 tablespoons dishwashing detergent in 1 gallon water, brush on and rinse off; tropical hardwoods should be oil treated after drying; other woods require a water resistant stain, protective oil, or polyurethane coating
Wrought iron
Will last almost forever
Touch up any nicks with paint immediately to prevent corrosion
The range of materials available has allowed for an equally wide range of designs, allowing the outdoor furniture buyer to be nearly as selective as the buyer of home furnishings.
Cast aluminum is available in contemporary and Mediterranean styles.
Painted metal outdoor furniture in original and reproduction retro styles is enjoying a comeback.
Resin wicker is offered in very contemporary as well as traditional wicker furniture lines.
Woods are designed in styles that are familiar as outdoor furniture, as well as styles that would be at home in a contemporary room.
Fabrics only begin with the traditional tropical and nautical influences. From there, they draw on every current of design fashion, with the range of colors and patterns only slightly moderated by the demanding outdoors environment.
What Pieces Will Be Needed?
As with a room plan, an outdoor furniture plan checks on the available space and takes extra consideration of the contours of the environment. Having dinner slide down the table isn’t part of most people’s plans; nor is having a chair tip under a guest because its feet aren’t on level terrain.
Here is a brief list of some popular backyard activities and some kinds of furniture that might be appropriate for each:
Recycled plastic muskoka chairs
Consider the following pieces for a conversation area:
Sofas or loveseats
End tables
Bistro set
Areas for dining might need the following items:
Table and chairs set, with cushions if desired
Umbrella with a stand, if in a warm region
Serving bar or cart
Poolside Activities
Activities around the pool may need some of the following pieces:
Lounge chairs, with cushions if desired
Bistro set
Umbrellas and stands as needed
Storage box or cabinet
Areas for relaxing outdoors could benefit from these pieces:
Lounge chairs, with cushions if desired
Swivel rocker
Fire pit
Viewing a Garden
The garden could use these pieces:
Adirondack chairs
End tables
Loveseat (traditionally wrought iron)
Bench (wood or stone)
Trellises, pergolas, and arbors
In selecting the furniture for any activity, the overall atmosphere of the home and possibly the community should be considered. Some neighborhood associations will have guidelines for anything visible from the street or other yards and these guidelines will need to be considered as they may relate to color and material in particular.
Umbrellas, cushions, and awnings are also available.
Since most patio furniture is large and bulky, you may prefer to find a seller who is geographically close at hand, to minimize shipping costs. You may even be able to negotiate a pickup if the seller is agreeable. To focus on nearby sellers, you may sort furnishings by Distance : Nearest First.
You can make sure you have found a quality eBay vendor by checking the feedback left by prior customers or by choosing to purchase from top rated sellers. These vendors have demonstrated an ongoing history of quality client service and excellent merchandise over many transactions.
By getting to know various reputable sellers, you’ll feel confident purchasing patio furniture on eBay.
There are few things more delightful than spending the evening outdoors after the heat of the day has begun to dissipate. During seasons when the garden and yard are all-day pleasures, having patio furniture that invites the household and its guests to relax a while among the greens and blooms makes the outdoors more enjoyable.
Well-selected outdoor furniture will provide places to enjoy the view, a meal, or a good conversation. It will provide comfortable seating. It will last without excessive maintenance.
The outdoor furniture available today allows for the creation of beautiful outdoor rooms that embody the best current trends in interior decor, or that return to outdoor traditions with wooden Adirondacks and hand-knotted hammocks.
The choice is up to the homeowner. Every option adds delight to the outdoor experience.
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Hints and Tips 

Selecting the Right Patio Furniture

Choose from a wide variety of materials, colours and styles, and focus on the following questions to find the right items:

  • How often and for what purposes do you use your patio?
  • What type of furniture set-up are you looking for?
  • How much sun does your patio typically receive?
  • What materials provide the right combination of style and durability?
  • What do you need to do to maintain your patio furniture’s appearance and where can you store it in colder months?

If you only use your patio occasionally, a few basic items will suffice. But if you entertain frequently or spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, shop for multipurpose items that can stand up to wear and tear.



Look for patio cushions with polyester fibres that allow water to run off and air to filter through, keeping them fresh. Cushions that have patterns on both sides allow you to flip them periodically, helping them maintain their appearance and shape.

If furniture portability is important, choose lightweight frame materials like plastic and aluminum. If you don’t plan to move them often, or if they will be exposed to wind, go with heavier materials like wood and wrought iron.

Use the chart below to determine which types of frame materials best suit your needs:

Material Benefits Maintenance Tips
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t rust or fade
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Durable
  • Powder-coat finish provides durability
  • Use car wax or mineral oil to protect surface
  • Wash with soapy water and rinse
  • Often stackable
  • May be made of recycled materials
  • Lightweight
  • Apply cleaners that prevent mildew
  • Rinse down with water
PVC (Poly-vinyl Chloride)
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in many colours
  • Wash with soapy water and rinse
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Requires little to no assembly
  • Comfortable
  • Apply protective finish to prevent rust
  • Wash with mild soap and rinse
Wicker and Rattan
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Durable
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Comfortable
  • Dust occasionally
  • Use all-weather fabrics unless furniture is protected
  • Wash with mild detergent and rinse
  • Types available include teak, cedar, cypress, pine and more
  • Teak provides an ideal combination of beauty and durability
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Won’t get too hot or cold
  • Use paint with UV filters to prevent fading
  • May require preservative
  • Wash with soapy water and rinse
  • Use brightener and oil to maintain original appearance
Wrought Iron
  • Sturdy and durable
  • May be mounted on wheels
  • Available in a wide range of designs
  • Use paint to touch up cracks
  • Apply rust protection
  • Wash with soapy water and rinse
  • Wash with mild soap and rinse
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